Sunday, May 4, 2014

Custom Request

When I made the statement piece with the different shaped blanks a couple months ago, Kim immediately was eyeing some of the blanks. They were new shapes she hadn't seen and I also had experimented with gold-filled. So as per the usual, she made a custom request.

I put her off for awhile because I wanted to experiment with a different chain and the ability to separate the charms versus them overlapping each other on the chain.

I started with two the square gold-filled blanks, which I stamped with the names of her boys. Then she wanted the circular sterling silver blank with the heart cut-out for her husband.

I then connected them to the chain and ended up with this:

It's more of a statement piece and she loves it. I love the fact that is lays perfectly and the blanks don't ever overlap.

Custom necklace, pricing varies based on blank shapes, size, and material.

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