Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"All You Need Is Love" ~ Sterling Silver Necklace

Probably close to a year ago, Kim text me a custom request from Arizona. The person wanted 4 names as well as the family name included on the necklace.
Since I had done nothing like that before I immediately went to Etsy and started searching.

From that search, came this creation:

Which led to a few weeks ago when Kim tells me that she wants a necklace like Veronica's necklace. She's just not sure what she would put on it yet. Kim is famous for having great ideas, yet they aren't always so easy to create. This is where a friendship like ours becomes favorable for her, because she knows I will attempt to do it no matter how difficult.

This morning I was bored and had not much to do, so I decided to start on the design she wanted. 

This is how all the jewelry starts:

It comes pre-cut, without holes, and then I go to work stamping letter by letter.

The finished product:

Sterling Silver "All You Need Is Love" Necklace


And this is when I acknowledge why our friendship is one in a million and why it has lasted so long. It's a friendship that is mutual on every level. In this case, she gets her idea created and she gives me an awesome idea to list in my store!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Engagement & Baseball/Softball

Thankfully the holiday shopping season is winding down.

At least the orders for me to fill have all but stopped. I did get one more request this morning and kindly shipped to NY via Priority Mail so it would hopefully arrive on time.

I have been busy. My Etsy shop has been crazy. I'm not complaining, but it's nice to have it slow down especially with the kids now home on winter vacation.

My friend Cheryl text me late one night last week. She needed a favor. This is usually in most cases followed by a picture from another Etsy shop that someone found and wants me to recreate.

Cheryl's first of four daughters was going to be getting engaged and she wanted a cute little necklace to commemorate the event.
Here it is:

And yes..she said yes and was completely shocked.

This sterling silver circular disc is between the size of a nickel and a dime (19mm) so it's not so big and states the idea she came up with simply. Includes an 18-inch sterling silver chain.


Then I had some down time and have had some charms that I have been wanting to experiment with. Kim's boys are no longer playing on the same baseball team so I decided to use that to finally test these cute baseball/softball charms.

A small sterling silver circular disc (19mm) is paired with a sterling silver charm featuring a glove, bat, and ball. Includes an 18 inch sterling silver necklace (not pictured).

$35 (per necklace)

Monday, December 9, 2013

Honoring the Friendship That Is Family

Twelve of these went to Arizona:

Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet hand stamped with "family forever * friends forever"


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Truly Thankful

On the day when we give thanks, I am thankful for a husband who supports my small business dream and for friends and customers who purchase my items.

This morning I woke up to an Etsy order. This customer has been looking for a bracelet that had a specific saying for a long time and was not able to find it.

She ordered the personalized cuff and asked if I could stamp "The bond between a mother and daughter begins and ends with love." Immediately, I started counting letters and spacing and was worried that I, too, would not be able to do this for her. I messaged her and asked if I could use the "&" sign instead of the word "and." (This would allow me to save spacing and give me a better chance of being able to fulfill the order.) The customer messaged back that she would really like "and" spelled out, but would be okay with the "&" sign if that was the only way I could fit it.

Well, I decided to take a chance and just go for it. Worst case scenario, I could use it as a tax right off.

This happened on the first try:

Sterling Silver cuff stamped with "The bond between a mother and daughter begins and ends with love"


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Retitling My Listings

This business venture started because I saw necklaces for moms on Etsy and thought, "why are they so expensive, that can't be that hard to do, can it?"

Today, this request happened:

A fellow shop owner on Etsy contacted me wondering if I could take my "Mom" necklace and make a necklace for one of her employees. This led me to rethink my listing titles, because ultimately I am selling a personalized necklace and it doesn't have to be mom specific.

Thanks to Cyprianne at Speckled Frog Crochet for your business and the order, which led me to retitle some of my offerings.

Sterling Silver Hand Stamped Personalized Necklace - 2 Circles

"Overcome" Bracelet

The beauty about Etsy is that potential customers can contact you and make customized requests. This happens to me on a monthly basis. The majority of the time, I am able to accommodate the requests.

A couple of days ago, a prospective buyer contacted me and had a specific idea that she wanted to bring to life. While I am not sure of the reasoning behind this idea, the buyer had a specific date she needed it by, so I have a feeling it is a gift to symbolize an important moment in someone's life.

"Overcome" is centered on the bracelet and on one end she requested I stamp the heart with the cross inside. On the opposite end I stamped the bible verse "John 16:33"

Sterling Silver Personalized Cuff Bracelet

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Stamplified Life will be offering free DOMESTIC shipping throughout the month of November.

During checkout, enter coupon code: StamplifiedTurkey 

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Sterling Silver Cuff

Kade was not the easy student during his first few weeks at preschool, however he was truly blessed with a great teacher. After the adjustment period and the teacher and I having discussions so she understood Kade's personality, it has been smooth sailing and Kade loves to go to school.

Since he attends a Christian preschool and his teacher is very religious, I decided to separate the three words with the heart symbol with the cross in the middle. I needed a sample to put on my site before the holidays and I wanted to make sure she knows we are appreciative of the job she has done and continues to do with Kade. So tomorrow this little gem will be hers.

Sterling Silver Teacher Appreciation Cuff

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ice Hockey Necklace

My cousin, on my Dad's side lives in Missouri.
Her oldest boy plays ice hockey. I'm sure the younger brother will pick it up at some point as well.
She contacted me about a necklace to support her son.

Unlike my typical sport necklaces, this one required the use of the "guitar pick" style blank. With the hockey charm being a little longer the circle wasn't going to allow any room for personalization.

Sterling Silver Ice Hockey Personalized Necklace

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sterling Silver Hand Stamped Lacrosse Necklace

Since I get asked all the time, I do not wear any of my necklace creations. I'm not a jewelry swapper. I have certain pieces that I wear every day (honestly, most of my jewelry I never remove). Of my creations, I wear a ring personalized with my three children's names and a charm bracelet personalized with the first initial of each child.

Luckily, I have a best friend that loves to swap out her jewelry and is always looking for something new. Kim and I have known each other for 22 years and we laugh when we think that had I learned to hand stamp in college, I would either be broke or have had some fun money to spend.

Now although Kim and her family are HUGE baseball people, her boys have taken a liking to lacrosse. So the other day, she asked if I could make a lacrosse necklace similar to the baseball one she has. This proposed a slight problem because my two main suppliers do not carry a lacrosse charm. This led me to Google and a new supplier that not only carried a great lacrosse charm, but also had an unbelievable inventory of various other charms that will come in handy for other creations.

From Kim's request, came this:

Sterling Silver Hand Stamped Lacrosse Necklace

Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Favorite Part

I think the best part of this business is that by allowing people to personalize an item, they often come up with great ideas that I can use for other orders in the future.

A Gamma Phi Beta alumnae contacted me to purchase a bracelet as an initiation gift for her daughter.

The sorority motto became even more personal when the mother asked to add a name and the initiation year on the ends of the cuff. 

Customized Cuff Order

I received an order this morning for a sterling silver cuff personalized with a quote. The initial idea was too long, character wise, so the buyer chose to shorten the quote.

Sterling Silver Cuff personalized with your saying and font choice.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Founder's Day

Recently, a sorority sister saw my cuff bracelet. She suggested I stamp our sorority motto "founded upon a rock" on the cuff bracelet.

While once again helping out with recruitment at the Gamma Phi Beta chapter where I was initiated while attending Chapman University, I brought two of these cuffs as samples and gave them to the current President and MVP (two offices I also held).
I have gained additional business with this cuff via word of mouth and on Etsy.

Yesterday, the chapter advisor at Chapman University asked if I would like to sell these at Founder's Day which will be hosted by the girls from Epsilon Nu Chapter of Gamma Phi Beta.

So I will have a limited number for sale that day. Should I run out I will offer free shipping on this item on my website to those who would still like one. If you'd like to get one now, you too can get free shipping. Just purchase the "founded upon a rock" cuff on my store website and enter EpsilonNu in the coupon code to get the shipping for free.

Further proof that "sisterhood" lasts a lifetime.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Show Your Spirit ~ Baseball/Softball Team Necklace

If you are just looking to support the whole team, this is the answer.

Sterling silver blank that is hand stamped with your team's name and combined with a sterling silver baseball/softball charm. Hangs from an 18" sterling silver chain.


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mom Necklaces and A Little Hoot

These are headed to a loyal customer in Arizona.

This is a 2-circle blank sterling silver necklace

This is a 3-circle blank sterling silver necklace.

I found the blank bellow hiding in my tool chest. Apparently on a previous order, I must have switched to a different size after having stamped this blank with a name. Elea loves owls and this gave me the chance to test out my new design stamp and send a surprise treat for the customer's daughter!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Founded Upon A Rock

I spent the weekend at Chapman University.
Every year I return to help the Epsilon Nu Chapter of Gamma Phi Beta with recruitment.
It is fun to give back to the organization that gave me so much over 20 years ago.

This year I brought a little something special with me.

This is the motto of Gamma Phi Beta and the girls absolutely loved it.
With a little luck, it might turn into some business for me.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Labor Day Weekend - Cuff Bracelets

I went to San Diego over Labor Day weekend. Kim's boys were playing in a baseball tournament.

I had made this test sterling silver cuff for Kim as a surprise.

Clearly she loves it, because she was wearing it.

This led to her showing it off, which led to this:

This one is going to Missouri for Kim's mom.

I actually think this sterling silver cuff bracelet is my favorite thing to stamp on right now.

This was my first official order. It went to a grandma in Canada that wanted something with all the grandkids' names.

With such unique names, being able to personalize something is a gift. I'm glad I could help make this grandma's dream a reality!


After having my own personal blog for years, I now have one specifically for my business.

Between making tweaks to my store website and getting this blog going, it will take some time.

This will now be the site where I post my unique creations. Enjoy!