Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"All You Need Is Love" ~ Sterling Silver Necklace

Probably close to a year ago, Kim text me a custom request from Arizona. The person wanted 4 names as well as the family name included on the necklace.
Since I had done nothing like that before I immediately went to Etsy and started searching.

From that search, came this creation:

Which led to a few weeks ago when Kim tells me that she wants a necklace like Veronica's necklace. She's just not sure what she would put on it yet. Kim is famous for having great ideas, yet they aren't always so easy to create. This is where a friendship like ours becomes favorable for her, because she knows I will attempt to do it no matter how difficult.

This morning I was bored and had not much to do, so I decided to start on the design she wanted. 

This is how all the jewelry starts:

It comes pre-cut, without holes, and then I go to work stamping letter by letter.

The finished product:

Sterling Silver "All You Need Is Love" Necklace


And this is when I acknowledge why our friendship is one in a million and why it has lasted so long. It's a friendship that is mutual on every level. In this case, she gets her idea created and she gives me an awesome idea to list in my store!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Engagement & Baseball/Softball

Thankfully the holiday shopping season is winding down.

At least the orders for me to fill have all but stopped. I did get one more request this morning and kindly shipped to NY via Priority Mail so it would hopefully arrive on time.

I have been busy. My Etsy shop has been crazy. I'm not complaining, but it's nice to have it slow down especially with the kids now home on winter vacation.

My friend Cheryl text me late one night last week. She needed a favor. This is usually in most cases followed by a picture from another Etsy shop that someone found and wants me to recreate.

Cheryl's first of four daughters was going to be getting engaged and she wanted a cute little necklace to commemorate the event.
Here it is:

And yes..she said yes and was completely shocked.

This sterling silver circular disc is between the size of a nickel and a dime (19mm) so it's not so big and states the idea she came up with simply. Includes an 18-inch sterling silver chain.


Then I had some down time and have had some charms that I have been wanting to experiment with. Kim's boys are no longer playing on the same baseball team so I decided to use that to finally test these cute baseball/softball charms.

A small sterling silver circular disc (19mm) is paired with a sterling silver charm featuring a glove, bat, and ball. Includes an 18 inch sterling silver necklace (not pictured).

$35 (per necklace)

Monday, December 9, 2013

Honoring the Friendship That Is Family

Twelve of these went to Arizona:

Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet hand stamped with "family forever * friends forever"