Saturday, February 15, 2014

For The Matriarch

Last weekend I went to a baby shower. I sat at a table with a bunch of girls who were seniors at Orange High the year I started working there. It's so fun to see them and be able to call them friends. One of the girls had me create a bar necklace for her and when we started discussing the necklace at the table, the girls were shocked to learn it was I, who had made it.

Not only did the table conversation create some business, but Sheryl also decided to announce while opening my gift that I hand stamp and what my website is. While Sheryl is simple and opted for a round sterling silver circle with just the letter "T," another one of her friends at the shower went for something I have never done.

Gina just married the love of her life and her in-laws are making their first trip to California from London this weekend. It is her mother-in-law's birthday and Gina wanted something special for her. She told me that she wanted a necklace with the husband, all the kids, and the grand kids on it. Now I am not a fan of the overlapping necklaces where all the blanks are singular and then strung on the same chain. I know it's a popular look, but I've never shown it on my site because it's not my preference. This project has made me think differently.

Gina tells me that there are 14 names that need to be represented and she wants the necklace to be a mix of charm shapes and colors and for it to look "chunky." After some back and forth via text, I got to work. I will admit this was a really fun order for me.

This is what I started with:

I decided to pair the married couples onto blanks to eliminate 2 extra blanks and keep the cost down for her. The husband is on the large circle with the cut-out heart. I then used a mix of 14k gold-filled and sterling silver circle, square, long rectangle, and heart charms. The square charms I decided to turn so they became diamonds. I was originally going to use flowers until Gina informed me that flowers are not her mother-in-law; she's edgier than that :) Pablo is a grandchild that died before birth and so she asked for a cut-out heart for him and I think it's unique and helps him have a special charm that will stand out for those who understand.

From there I then balanced them out and threaded then onto the chain:

Now the necklace will not lay like this when worn. Thanks to my friend Brittney, who offered to give it a try so I could see it, she and I immediately fell in love once it was put on. The charms do come together, but if you were viewing from a distance you would think its one of those popular statement costume jewelry pieces that are so popular right now. Yet when you get closer, you realize it's a very personal and special piece.

Thank you so much Gina for coming up with such an awesome idea. I hope your mother-in-law loves it as much as I do.

This is a custom piece so price varies based on number of blanks and style used.

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