Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hand Stamped, Personalized 14kt Gold-Filled Bar Necklace

These seem to be all the rage right now and I think they are really cute.

It is my first venture into 14kt gold-filled.

This all started when a past high school student inquired about a necklace. I had never made a bar necklace before, but decided it was worth the experiment, even after I suggested she just use the Etsy shop she originally saw the item at.

The process turned out to be pretty easy and I guessed well on the sizes of jump rings and chain I would need.

Once again, Kim scored. She was coming out this weekend for a visit, so I asked what she wanted on the necklace and then hers became my tester.

The top one is Kim's. It is hammered with her husband's initials and a heart and then blackened. The one below it is Sam's. It is just stamped. She decided she preferred it that way.

 14kt Gold-Filled Bar Necklace personalized with up to 8 characters/designs attached to a 16-inch chain. (I will eventually have an option for an 18-inch chain)


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